Lee and Tiffany Lakosky: Home, Sweet Home on the RVing Road

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky's RV gives them the comforts of home when they are travelling with friends and family. (Photo courtesy of Lee and Tiffany Lakosky)
Lee and Tiffany Lakosky's RV gives them the comforts of home when they are travelling with friends and family. (Photo courtesy of Lee and Tiffany Lakosky)

For Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, their RVing experience has helped them create lifelong memories

Every year, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, the two likable hosts of a wildly popular outdoor television program, spend a good portion of their time living in a comfortable RV — making memories from one location to the next.

In effort to produce multiple segments for their award-winning television show, the duo creates a long list of planned outdoor adventures across North America. Then, they hit the road in their RV.

The motorhome is an upgrade from the first two RVs the couple started with years ago. However, it was those first experiences that formed the basis of their most powerful RVing memories.

“Oh, my gosh, when we started filming our show, the first few trips we did with an RV were huge learn-as-you-go experiences,” said Tiffany, now a mother of two young children.

One early RVing memory for the Lakoskys was learning the technical side of their home on the road. “We were out West, in the mountains, and we had a line freeze early on in our RVing experience,” laughed Tiffany. “And then there was the time that Lee and I tried to empty ‘the tank’ for the first time. Memorable learning experiences, to say the least. Admittedly, those early learning experiences made for some prime filming experiences, especially since our show is known for being light-hearted and fun. Plus, it added a valuable learning element to our show, too.”

That said, Tiffany offers this piece of RVing advice: Learn the ins and outs of RVing before you ever hit the road.

Why is that? Because doing so from where your RV is stored – or at a local RV rental facility – sure beats the learning curve that exists on the side of a western mountain when the temperature is subfreezing, a stiff wind is blowing, and your marriage vows about loving each other in good times and bad are being tested at an RV dump station.

Such honesty is one of the refreshing characteristics drawing so many outdoor fans to Lee and Tiffany, better known to some as Mr. and Mrs. Crush. Their successful television show is built around the straightforward telling of the couple’s ongoing outdoor adventures.

No matter where they go, no matter what the adventure turns out to be, fans love watching and following them because of all the fun, good times, and the real-life experiences they share.

Take Tiffany’s recent battle with cancer, when she was diagnosed with a rare but treatable form of uterine cancer following the birth of Raygen, the couple’s second child and first daughter.

Living her life publicly as she does, Tiffany refused to draw in the curtains, instead fighting her cancer battle in front of the world. That involved the sharing of Instagram photos and Facebook sessions showing her enduring treatments, working in the backyard with chemo ports embedded in her arm, and continuing with the task of raising her two young children.

“Between God’s glory, family and friends' unwavering support, we have beat this,” she said in one social media post after being diagnosed cancer-free. And that’s the same way the couple tackles their on-the-road lifestyle, choosing to use the RV as a place of bonding and memory making that helps fuel their pursuit of an adventurous and fun-filled life.

These days, with daughter Raygen and son Cameron along for the ride, someone needs to watch the kids, so the RVing experience often involves the addition of another co-host (like country music mega star Blake Shelton, to various family members like Tiffany’s mom, Linda). But even as Lee and Tiffany’s road-tripping crew has grown, so has the necessity of their RV home on the road.

“Travel and filming a TV show is our livelihood,” said Tiffany. “So much of our time is spent living on the road now and the comforts of home that an RV provides is really important for us. Being comfortable in our RV, and being able to eat meals that aren’t always from a restaurant helps make the whole experience more enjoyable. Honestly, it’s the little things that make RVing so enjoyable, like being able to sleep in your own bed and put a pot of coffee on in the morning.”

Because of all of this, the couple is quick to recommend the RVing experience to others.

“We recommend RVing to everyone,” said Tiffany. “Our RVing experience helps us not only get our work done, it also helps us in getting together in a close-knit setting with our family and friends. Living on the road like we often do, an RV has helped us build tight bonds like nothing else. It’s awesome to have our whole team with us from our production team, to our crew, to our family. And a lot of times, our RV experiences have helped to create the ultimate bonding experience and lifelong memories.”

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